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Marmalade's Musings

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* Hello my name is Tricia. I'm oldish, born in 1971 though not elderly (yet) but I'm not some young thang anymore either. With that said, I prefer to connect with people around my age range as I seem to relate better. I'm an introvert, hermit, solitary, likes cats, tea, tarot cards, antiques, old books, gardening, simplicity, peaceful surroundings, free spirits, spirituality, lightwork. I'm life path # 7 in numerology.

*Dislikes: Pop culture, facebook obsessed people, celebrities, celebrity watchers, loud disruptive people and places. I'm Childfree and prefer childfree friends!

I've recently returned to lj & I'm for looking for childfree by choice friends, those who are older, likes cats, tarot, foodies, progressives, free spirits and those who dislike pop culture and all that comes with it. I'm open to friends gay or straight who share my interests.